Emily and Joshua

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Our Story

From Emily:

Our story starts on June 16th, 2012 at the wedding of Joe Frost & Leah Shaw. Leah was trying to introduce me to another friend of theirs that night but as luck would have it we ran into Joshua before we could find the other gentleman. I was initially struck by his charismatic personality and his tall dark and handsome vibe. That first weekend we attended Joe & Leah's wedding, the Nyblad family summer solstice party, and a day at the beach. We packed a lot in that one weekend! I remember saying "Is it weird that talking to you is like talking to a lifelong friend?" I went back to Chicago with a twinkle in my eye.

A couple of weeks later I went back to Traverse City for 4th of July and we started what will be a 10 year tradition of camping for the summer holiday. That summer was the best summer, traveling back and forth between Chicago and Traverse City we both knew this relationship was different.

Josh's career choice as an Oil and Gas Landman (don't ask) has taken him all over the country. From the state of Michigan to Texas and a whole bunch of other states in between. A year after we met he landed a project in Southwest Georgia and it was planned to be a 4-5 year project. After managing a long distance relationship for another year I packed my bags, sold my furniture and took a road trip to Columbus, GA and have been here ever since.

Since we have been in Georgia we have purchased our first home and collected 2 rescue doggies, Beautiful & Fern. We have also endured tough times. Like when Josh broke his neck or, 2020! The toughest year for most everyone threw us an extra curveball. On June 15th, 2020 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. On June 17th, 2020 we made the decision to get married to ensure that we were able to be together during all of my treatments. Joshua deserves all the awards imaginable for how he took care of me and everything during this time. He showed all of us what love truly means. There was no celebration at that time and Josh cannot wait to tell you all about our "wedding".

So, as we come together on June 17th, 2022 this isn't a wedding, not in the traditional sense anyway. We are already wed, in fact, it will mark the two year anniversary of our actual wedding day. However, it will be the first time we will get to celebrate our marriage and exchange vows with our closest family and friends and we cannot wait to celebrate with you all!